IMG_6298An unique experience. Get an overview about the entrepreneurial development of Vienna – From the „Start up Phase“ up to now. This years tour started with empress Elisabeth, the imperial cash-cow, followed by the remembrance of the familie of Jewish bank-founders, the Ephrussis and the Rothshild. Next stop at an old market place. First abandoned by the nearby monks due to the noise and dirt nowadays the place serves as venue of seasonal markets. Passing the building were the Austrian National Bank was founded we reached Vienna’s newest enterprise, the Golden Quarter. At the Judenplatz we commemorated the tragic story of the medieval jewish community, personal property of the current ruler and vitims of persecution. The nearby main market was the next point on our tour. At the end of the tour we reached Stephansplatz, former site of a cemetary around the cathedral. This open space served as interesting market place, for all transactions closed here, were not subject to taxation.

Looking forward to next years tour!